Superior Survival

Community Centered

Community matters! We love getting to know our members and seeing players tribe up, build up, get wiped together, get revenge, and enjoy every part of it.

From our start, we have built the platform based on feedback from our community. After all, it is the community that makes this game so enjoyable. There will never be a way to make everyone happy with every exact setting, mod, or rule set. However, we strive to listen to feedback and implement changes when necessary.

Helpful Staff

Our staff are all members of the community. Integrity is our policy. We have multiple security protocols in place to ensure accountability.

  • Admin logging Enabled
  • Admin commands sent instantly to Discord
  • All Admins must use a family-share account to execute commands

You will see quickly, while all staff members are volunteers and unpaid, we are committed to quick and efficient support via our ticket system.

Clustered Servers

Transfer between servers easily and reliably without worrying about frequent glitches such as lost ark data loss and character corruption.

Top Performance

The founders of Ascended Ark have spared no expense when it comes to performance. You can expect low ping, responsive UI interaction, and fast load times when joining and transferring.

In-Game Shop

Ark Shop is one of the best Quality of Life plugins that the Ark community has. Our shop includes starter kits and dinos, boss kits, and more to get you started in the Ark as you strive to survive. All players gain shop points every 20 minutes spent in-game.

Custom Chat & Commands

We give you more control! Set your ORP, check base stats, and more with our simple in-game commands. Global chat is also cross-server and linked to a #global channel in Discord.

Lack of Pay-to-Win

Pay-to-Win is a huge turn off to many. This includes the creators of Ascended Ark. While we do offer very few purchasable items in our store, you will find they are all items that can be obtained by anyone and do not give an unfair advantage to those who decide to support the community this way.

  • No weapons, dinos, or boss kits sold
  • Dino paints, name changes, etc. are sold in store.
  • Ark Shop points are sold

All players acquire Ark Shop points by playing on the Ascended Ark Platform. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Balanced Settings

Balanced. It is a relative term.

Whether a server has 5x multipliers or 100x -- balancing is always possible. We are committed to balance the PvP experience as we strive for a Quality of Life set up.

If we are honest, a lot of the "OP" items that are sometimes referred to add a major quality of life benefit to the experience. The goal is not that you never say "that's broken" or "that's OP." Rather, our desire is that you never find yourself in a situation where a raid attempt or PvP encounter is impossible because of the game set up. To us--that is balance.

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