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Ark Server Mods | Small Tribes PvP

Server Mods

1. AA + (Structures +)

2. HG Cake Fix

3. HG Stacking Mod 1000-50

4. Configurable Spyglass

5. Pickup Gun (Anti-Dupe)

6. Ark Better Server Security


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All S+ Items Disabled except the following:

S+ Crafting Station

S+ Stone Pipe Intake

S+ Stone Pipe Tap

S+ Feeding Trough

S+ Animal Tender

S+ Hatchery

S+ Metal Pipe Intake

S+ Metal Pipe Tap

S+ Nanny

S+ Glass Wall

S+ Glass Ceiling

S+ Fabricator

S+ Refrigerator

S+ Air Conditioner

S+ Industrial Grinder

S+ Domesticated Bee Hive

S+ Industrial Forge

S+ Chemistry Bench

S+ Industrial Cooker

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