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Ark Server Settings

Ascended Ark, a 6-man PvPvE Cluster

  1. Ascended Ark Cluster Rates 
    1. Experience: 2x
    2. Harvesting/Gathering: 5x
    3. Taming: 10x
    4. Maturation: 15x
    5. Breeding Intervals: 0.5x
    6. Cuddle Intervals: 0.125x
    7. Player Fortitude gain per level: 2x
    8. Player Weight gain per level: 3x
    9. Player Speed gain per level: 3x
    10. Dinosaur Weight gain per level: 3x
  2. Ascended Ark Cluster Settings
    1. Difficulty Multiplier: 5
    2. Max Wild Dino Level: 150 (tek and egg dinos higher by default)
    3. Max Character Level: 105 (Unascended)
      1. (Island Ascension: 120 ; Abberation Ascension: 135 ; Genesis 1 Ascension: 150 ; Chibi 155)
    4. All Engrams Auto Learned
    5. Max Players Per Tribe: 6
    6. One Ally Allowed (One Temp Ally Allowed only for Player vs Environment Activities)
      1. Main alliances will be recorded in a google document
    7. Structure and Dino Decay Enabled
    8. Cross Hair Enabled
    9. Third Person Enabled
    10. Map Location Enabled
    11. Gamma Enabled
    12. Tribe Imprinting Enabled
    13. Automatic Updates on Server Mods
    14. Turret Limit: 150 Turrets
    15. Offline Raid Protection: Turret Damage: 3x / Structure HP: 4x
    16. Daily Restarts with Wild Dinosaur Wiped
    17. Transfers Between Servers Enabled
    18. Cave Damage Enabled
    19. Weapon Damage Cap: 450%
    20. Saddle Armor Cap: 150 / 110
    21. Armor Cap: 496
    22. Durability Cap: 2096
  3. Ascended Ark Disabled Items & Dinosaurs
    1.  Items on this list are subject to change but are disabled for reasons of potential abuse and/or exploitation.
      1. S+ Dynamic Pillars
      2. S+ Metal/Tek XL Walls
      3. S+ Tek Repulser Pad
      4. S+ Personal Teleporter
        1. (Replaced with Awesome Teleporter Mod)
      5. S+ Tek ATV
      6. S+ Catalyzer
      7. S+ Vacuum Compartment
      8. S+ Vacuum Compartment Moonpool
      9. S+ Vacuum Compartment Door
      10. S+ Remote Gun ◈ S+ Repair Gun
      11. S+ Underwater Tool
      12. S+ Item Translocator
      13. S+ Incinerator
      14. S+ Charge Injector
      15. S+ Dedicated Storage Intake
      16. S+ Gacha Gavager
      17. S+ Mutator
      18. All S+ Turrets; Excluding S+ Auto Turrets, S+ Heavy Auto Turrets, and S+ Tek Turrets
  4. Naming Guidelines
    1. Names may not contain vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive words.
    2. All character names must be distinguishable and non-generic (i.e. not being just "Human" or "Bob", etc.)
    3. Pretending to be someone else with the intent to impersonate Ascended Ark Administrative services, other tribes or community members.
    4. Tribe names must remain consistent and up to date across the cluster.
- ObamaCarez
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