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Plugin In-Game Commands

MAGA (Make Ark Great Again)

/setorp <name> - sets orp to current player location

/setorp <id> <name> - replaces ORP <id> with current location

/listorp - Gives list of current ORPs

/orp - will give message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not. And give ORP info of target.


Vote Rewards

Press F1 and click the "Vote for Server" button.

After voting for 3 servers or less...

type /claim in chat...

You will automatically receive your rewards for voting.


Ark Shop

/points - Shows current amount of points.

/buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop.

/trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary).

/kit - Shows all kits.

/kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit.

/buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price).

/shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop.


Private Message: Only server-wide NOT cluster


/pm <CharacterName> <Message>

/r <Message>



use /r to reply to the person that you just pmed or that just pmed you

- ObamaCarez
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