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Server Rules | AA Casual Combat PvPvE Servers

General Rules & Guidelines

  1. The Ascended Ark PvPvE rules are subject to change with a public notification announcement, That the Ascended Ark Team will do its best to ensure that changes are first communicated clearly to the community and in many cases, voted on before it is put into action.
  2. Failure to abide by the Ascended Ark PvPvE rules can result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items, or banning of your account from the Ascended Ark Cluster. The Ascended Ark Admins reserve the right to immediately temporarily ban members' accounts as they deem fit followed by a hearing with the offending member. Action taken is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Ascended Ark Team. Players may be given a warning first before action is taken based on the infraction.
  3. This list, while not exhaustive, represents clear guidelines for players to adhere to when playing on Ascended Ark PvPvE Cluster. Players are expected to use common sense and their best judgment. When in doubt, feel free to contact The Ascended Ark team with the @Admin - Casual Combat tag for any questions or concerns!

Hacking & Exploitation

  1. Ascended Ark's Community promotes fair play. Under no circumstances should you allow hackers or banned players to join your tribe, alliance, or team up alongside you within the game. It is your responsibility to remove them or yourself from the tribe. If you witness someone breaking the rules ensure that you contact an Ascended Ark Admin directly @Admin - Casual Combat to remediate the issue.
  2. The following (but not limited to) third-party programs are not allowed:
    1. Game automated bots
    2. ESP
    3. Aimbots
    4. Game Engine Modifications
  3. The following (but not limited to) exploits are not allowed:
    1. The building, traveling through, placing objects, or attacking from under the mesh or outside the map's boundaries.
    2. Duplication of tames, items, or characters.
    3. Intentionally crashing the Ascended Ark servers (through DDoS or otherwise).
    4. The use of cliff platforms to prevent tribes from building in their own bases.
    5. Intentionally Mesh Hitting / Biting of Structures / Tames is prohibited.
    6. The act of “Tunneling” is prohibited
      • "Tunneling" is when a tribe utilizes building functions or unintended gaming mechanics to surpass the normal limits of intended use on a raft, saddled dinosaur, or tek skiff in an attempt to surpass a player's defenses or normal gaming mechanics.
      • Gaming Mechanics: Utilizing structures to extend through world mesh to create a significant advantage on a player base when raiding completely surpassing a player's defenses (This is similar to Mesh biting).
    7. Raft Building: For PvP purposes, a raft should not exceed the normal limits provided by regular structured builds to raid a base.
      • What constitutes normal limits?
        • No more than 2 ceilings off the foundational base of the core raft structure
        • No more than 4 regular walls (1 Large wall) high
        • Placement of only Auto Turrets, this means S+ Heavy Turrets are considered an illegal build.
    8. Dinosaur Platform Saddles
      • What constitutes normal limits?
        • No more than 3 ceilings out from the core foundational Structure
        • No more than 4 walls high (1 Large wall) when utilized for Dinosaur Platform Saddles
    9. Tek Skiff
      • What constitutes normal limits?
        • No more than 2 ceilings out from the core foundational Structure.
        • No more than 4 walls high (1 Large wall) when utilized for PvP purposes.
        • Turrets are already disabled on dinosaur platform saddles.
  4. General Rule of thumb:
    1. If it can't / shouldn't be done on Official PvP Servers please do not do it here.

Griefing Policy

  1. Griefing will be determined by the Ascended Ark's staff administration team and are not limited but can include the following:
    1. Insiding: Will be handled on a case to case basis by the Ascended Ark administrative team.
    2. Intentionally having a negative impact on Ascended Ark events.
    3. Intentionally blocking the world spawn points with structures, turrets or aggressive creatures. In the event your base inadvertently or accidentally does so, it will be reviewed by our Game Admins before any action is taken.
      1. Blocking desert & water drops.
      2. Attempting to circumvent the tribe member limit. (Tribe Names and Members Pool/Alliances must match across all maps.)
      3. Prisoners can be held for 1 hour during a raid or for 30 minutes outside of a raid during world PvP.

General Misconduct

  1. Interactions with other players or Ascended Ark team members must adhere to the following rules on all Ascended Ark platforms
    1. Offend - this includes but is not limited to language which is harassing, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise extensively offensive.
    2. Posting personal information about yourself or others. Such as but not limited to; last names, ID’s, addresses, phone numbers, emails, social media (excluding, schools, or financial information of any sort.
    3. Disrupting any communication platforms such as intentionally causing the chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of chat. This also includes loud, disrupting sounds or contentiously joining and leaving discord voice channels.
    4. Ascended Ark team members will treat community members with the utmost respect as long as respect is given both ways.
    5. Inappropriate videos, images, audio or links can result in the removal of the post on any Ascended Ark platforms. A warning may be given before punishment action is taken. (If you do not know if said media is acceptable do not post it.)
    6. Manipulating the rules as a means to get other community members punished.

Building Policy

  1. The following actions are forbidden and can result in punitive actions against players or tribes on the Ascended Ark platforms.
    1. Building in the Ice Queen or Lava Golem Caves on Ragnarok is prohibited.
    2. Building on Obelisks and City Terminals is prohibited.
    3. Building on Map Spawn Points is prohibited.
    4. Building in Artifact Caves is prohibited.
    5. Building in surface entrances is prohibited.
    6. Building in an area that prevents access to a biome is prohibited.
    7. Unintended building mechanics such as floating structures or structures placed as to not take damage.
    8. Using “Tunneling” to prevent damage in enemy foundation range to bypass defenses this rule does not apply to legal platforms, rafts, or motorboats builds as described in the Hacking & Exploitation Section of the rules.
    9. Structure spamming at non-base locations for the purpose of disrupting other community members' gameplay.
      1. This does not include the remnants of a FOB.
        1. Fobs must be picked up after a raid/raid attempt within a reasonable amount of time. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to a ban.
    10. Enclosing Platform Dinosaurs such as Quetzals, Paracers, etc... with structures that completely encase the platform dinosaur is forbidden and will result in disciplinary action up to a ban.
    11. Enclosing tek skiffs with structures that completely encase the skiff is forbidden and will result in disciplinary action up to a ban.
    12. The use of invisible structures or enabling the "hide" function on structures is prohibited unless the structure is a pipe for irrigation or wire for electricity.
    13. Building or clipping anything under the map or mesh is prohibited.
    14. The stacking of more than 3 of one structure is prohibited (i.e. placing a foundation, then two fence foundations to have 3 layers of walls against one another).

Player vs Player Definitions

  1. Base
    1. A base is a tribe’s main core structure that is annotated by a green beacon or green lights.
  2. Outpost
    1. An outpost is any other structure that does not contain a green beacon or green light that a tribe controls outside of their main base.
  3. Turret Tower
    1. A structure that may contain auto-turrets, heavy turrets, Tek turrets, Plant Species X, and/or velanosaurs that is its own entity and unattached to the base's core structure.
  4. Teleporter / Turret Tower
    1. A structure that is used to travel quickly between point A and point B on a map.
    2. A structure that may contain auto-turrets, heavy turrets, Tek turrets, Plant Species X, and/or velanosaurs that is its own entity and unattached to the base's core structure.
  5. FOB
    1. A structure that is used by a tribe to prepare for or enact a raid against an enemy tribe.
    2. Although a FOB may meet all the requirements to be considered a base, it is considered a raiding tool and thus can not qualify as a base and will not incur a raid cooldown if taken out by the defending tribe.

Player vs Player Rules

  1. Killing of passive protected tames is prohibited, though it should not be able to occur if the dinosaur's passive protection has become enabled.
    1. Loot may not be stored on passively protected dinosaurs.
    2. Passive protection enabled dinosaurs may not be used to prevent damage to a base during a raid.
    3. Intentional killing of babies is prohibited.
  2. Allies may participate in raiding a base with one another.
  3. Allied may participate in defending a base with one another.
  4. Only one raid can be conducted every 24 hours, placing a 24-hour raid cool-down on the raiding tribe from the end of the raid.
  5. Utilizing gnome homes during PvP engagements is prohibited.
  6. You are allowed to open world "popcorn" this means mass dropping items from any inventories or containers into individual bags you have access to.
  7. Popcorning of loot during raids that are facing imminent base destruction is prohibited.
  8. Teaming during PvP encounters with non allied tribes is prohibited - this is inclusive but not limited to joint raids and defenses.
  9. Third party open world PvP encounters are allowed by non allied tribes as long as you are actively engaging against all involved non allied tribes evenly - Tribe log proof may be requested.
  10. Interfering with raids by non allied tribes is prohibited.

Raid Progression

  1. The act of conducting raid activities in an attempt to obtain another tribes loot / destroying a tribe base to hinder progression.
    1. The following can be considered activities that would hinder a tribes progress during a raid:
      1. Soaking Turrets.
      2. Engaging in active player vs player combat with members from the defending tribe.
      3. Pushing the FOB forward to hinder defending players.
      4. Destroying Structures


  1. A tribe may raid any other non-allied tribe as long as the following criteria are met:
    1. The targeted tribe does not have raid amnesty from prior aggression.
    2. The aggressing tribe is not on a 24-hour raid cooldown.
    3. The aggressing tribe is not currently on raid amnesty.
  2. All dinosaurs that are placed at an attacking tribes FOB or utilized during a raid must have passive protect disabled. (This is in effect for allies helping as well)
  3. If a tribe wishes to raid an allied tribe they must formally end the alliance & wait for at least 3 days prior to conducting any raid.
  4. “Blue Raiding” or raiding an allied tribe while allied is prohibited.
  5. Wiping a base or excessive base destruction on the first raid is prohibited.
    1. If a tribe wishes to wipe a base on the second raid it must be conducted within 7 days of the original raid.
    2. Attackers may not be penalized for potential excessive destruction due to the way a base is built or damage multipliers
  6. Teleportation of enemy dinosaurs during a raid by any means is prohibited.
  7. Sweet Vegetable cakes may only be utilized to heal herbivores during raiding activities.
  8. All remnants of a FOB (This includes spam used to gain ground) must be picked up by the attacking tribe upon raid conclusion.
  9. Conducting raid progression activities, such as soaking, is prohibited while under amnesty.

Raid Cooldown
Manipulation of the raid progression rule set will not be tolerated, and termination of the raid if such an event occurs will be determined by administrative discretion.

  1. Raid Cooldown is the 24 hour period incurred upon a successful/unsuccessful raid of a base and the dismantling of the aggressing tribe's FOB.
    1. The time of the raid cooldown begins:
    2. In the case of a successful raid when obvious base damage has occurred, once the FOB has been picked up by the aggressing tribe.
    3. In the case of an unsuccessful raid, once the FOB has been destroyed by the defending tribe or picked up by the aggressive tribe under the following pretenses:
      1. The aggressing tribe has decided to retreat and dismantle their FOB.
      2. The aggressing tribe has not committed any raid progression in the past hour (Refer to raid progression definition).
  2. Raid cooldown is cluster-wide.
  3. Raid cooldown is not incurred when destroying a turret tower.
  4. Raid cooldown is not incurred when destroying a teleporter/turret tower.
  5. Raid Cooldown is not incurred when destroying an outpost.
  6. The Following are examples of manipulating the raid progression rules:
    1. Destroying 1 structure every x period of time to reset the timer without any other significant progression.
    2. Soaking a minuscule amount of bullets once every x period of time to reset the timer without any other significant progressions.
  7. Please remember your best defense is recording your offense.


  1. Amnesty is a public service granted to an inquiring tribe based on a qualifying reason that prevents the requesting tribe from being raided by other tribes on the server for a specific period of time.
  2. Reasons that qualify for amnesty:
    1. ◈ Raid Amnesty
      1. Significant & obvious base penetration resulting in the destruction of the core base structures as defined in the base definition.
    2. ◈ Vacation Amnesty
      1. Amnesty granted on a case - case basis lasting up to 7 days.
  3. Reasons that do not qualify for amnesty:
    1. ◈ A raided outpost.
    2. ◈ A raided teleporter/turret tower.
  4. How to get amnesty?
    1. A Request must be submitted via the ticket system.
    2. An Ascended Ark staff member will review your ticket and either grant or deny the amnesty request.
  5. How long does raid amnesty last?
    1. Amnesty lasts 72 hours or 3 days retrospectively from the time the raid is ended by the aggressing tribe.
      1. Example: If a tribe was raided at 3:00 PM on a Monday and requests amnesty at 5:00 PM on the same day, but the Ascended Ark team doesn't approve the amnesty request until 9:00 PM on the same day, the raid amnesty will last until 3:00 PM on Wednesday.
  6. Who can request Amnesty?
    1. ◈ Amnesty can be requested by the defending tribe upon completion of a riad.
    2. ◈ Amnesty can be requested by the aggressing tribe upon completion of a raid.
      1. If a tribe wishes to wipe an individual’s base, the aggressing tribe should request raid amnesty for the defending tribe as soon as a raid is completed.
  7. Can I end my Amnesty?
    1.  Amnesty cannot be ended once accepted.

Amnesty General

  1. While under amnesty a tribe may not raid, conduct raid progression activities, or be raided
  2. Amnesty is Cluster Wide.
  3. Players will be protected while out in the world while under amnesty.
  4. Allied tribes may help each other defend while under amnesty. (This falls under world player vs player encounter as their base is not under siege by an enemy tribe).

Protected Passives Mod

  1. Common Examples of tames not considered to be under passive protect:
    1. If a dinosaur's behaviour is set to passive & has passive protection enabled but was recently engaged in player vs player combat, whether the offending or defending tribe initiated the situation, and is killed in the open world or once it has returned to base.
    2. If a dinosaur is whistled passive protection is disabled and is killed, during situations such as a raid this can be considered an attempt to remove loot from a base and place it ion a dinosaur to escape.
    3. If a dinosaur's behaviour is set to passive & has passive protection enabled, but was used for base defense and is killed.
  2. Leaving passive protect tames around the map at non base locations is prohibited, upon a report the offending tribe will have 24 hours to remove them from the location.
  3. Utilizing passive protected dinosaurs to block defenses is prohbited.
  4. All dinosaurs must have passive protect disabled when utilizing alert/turret mode.
  5. Utilizing passive dinosaurs to prevent individuals from entering their bases is prohibited.

Player vs Environment Rules

  1. Bringing unintended dinosaurs into a boss fight or ascension by any means is prohbited.


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